Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Changing Nature of investing in early Pharma / Biotech: Poll Result

Networked Pharma – Finance (NWkRx F7)

I ran the Linked In Poll below as a prelude to Thursday's Funds & Fundability workshop in London http://www.networkedpharma.com/funding,:

According to those that responded Open Innovation and Crowd-funding will have greatest impact on drug discovery,more than even Corporate VC investment, and perhaps most interesting VCs where seen as the least significant!

I await with anticipation the outcomes form the workshop itself! 

NB there will be some register on the day places available http://www.networkedpharma.com/funding

BioSpring Ltd is a member of Networked Pharma Partnership, a not for profit organisation dedicated to assisting development of a new paradigm for drug discover & development

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A series of workshops are being run during 2012, leading to an international congress in early 2013, which will bring together all stake-holders (Corporate Pharmas, SMEs, CROs, Universities, VCs, CVCs, Research Councils, Charities, Regulators & Government bodies etc.) to formulate the new business model(s) for the future success of the industry.

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